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Orange Velvet Circle Skirt

The projects are stacking up without me blogging about them… By which I mean, I’ve made two things since starting school, and thought seriously about making others, restlessly between classes. It’s not an overabundance of work or anything, it’s mostly just that my sewing machine, fabric, and makeshift ironing board live in my closet, and I forget to take them out.

Anyway, I made this several weeks ago, and I’ve worn it a few times since:


(One of the reasons I had not yet blogged about this is the terrible photo quality. I have three roommates, and no excuse for fuzzy dimly-lit mirror shots.)

The back view:


I am always reluctant to cut into fabric, so I tend to make things out of fabric I don’t really care about. This orange velvet was purchased in skirt form from the theater department’s costume sale about a year ago, but it was far too big for me and weighed several pounds (I think it may be drapery…for curtains…), so I made it into something more more compact.

I originally intended it be a half-circle skirt, for reasons that I cannot recall, but I had some trouble with the math and ended up with a piece that only fit halfway around my waist. So I cut out a duplicate piece and made a whole circle skirt.

I used a piece of cute green quilting cotton to make the waistband:


It’s not really very even but I love secretly contrasting waistbands so much that I don’t even care. Secret lining fabrics are the best.

When I stitched the waistband onto the skirt, I realized that I had forgotten to take into account the seam allowance, and that the waist would get bigger. It was meant to sit at my true waist, but as it is it only just rests on my hips. I’m pretty pleased with that actually, though.

I got a new zipper foot, too, so I didn’t even have to sew this zipper in by hand! Actually, I learned how to properly install a zipper foot before I made this skirt and realized that the zipper foot I purchased from Mill End fit the entire time… I could have been sewing zippers in with impunity all summer!

I sewed the skirt together in a slightly unconventional order, and my zipper came out a little wonky.


It doesn’t quite meet up at the top, which originally bothered me deeply. I have since fallen too much in love with the twirliness and fabric to let it get to me.

Next up: a green knit dress, as soon as I get one of my roommates to take a few good photos.