progress report


Finally! I finished the quilting on the Candy Coated quilt Alice and I have been making. Quilting this, I used a free motion foot for the very first time, and so, it is definitely wonky! Embarrassingly so, in spots. I mean, I didn’t even start with the darning foot! I was using the walking foot for awhile, until I realized that was inane, and I was going to be insane by the time I was done. I got some tips here and elsewhere, and while I knew that I should practice first, I was impatient, and besides, when it comes to quiltmaking, I am somewhere in between the first and second stages in this article by The Sometimes Crafter. So I just went for it. It was really fun, once I figured out how to postition my hands to reduce the strain. After awhile, I stopped trying so hard to follow a “pattern” and let myself go, get a bit more swirly, doodle, if you will.
I will keep practicing, probably on some smaller pieces. It will be okay!

I will have more pictures and more analysis once I have the whole thing bound. Or at least the binding sewn onto one side. I think I may ship it off to Alice at college and she can handsew the edges. bwahahaha!

2 thoughts on “progress report

  1. happy zombie

    Your quilt and stitching is beautiful, Shannon! I’m still learning to FMQ – experimenting, learning, playing. Never thought I’d be able to FMQ, but with every new trick and tip I learn I feel empowered. It’s weird, but I’m actually proud of every embarrassing, crappy stitch I do. I too have found that just letting go and not following any sort of pattern works for me and was fun for me too. Yay us! Now I have to learn to not make weird-quilting-face as I do it, and learn to relax.

    PS, so nice to meet a fellow Astorian!!

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